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Birthdate:Oct 19
Location:Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America
Holiday “Holly” Pirner

PB: Kaya Scodelario


Holiday was born in Slough, England to Gregory and Felicia Pirner. Her father named her Holiday after his favorite time of the year. She subsequently hated it, and began going by Holly sometime around the age of 7. That was the year her parents went through an acrimonious divorce.

Holly and Felicia remained in Slough, and Gregory moved to London to start a new job. He described it to his ex-wife and daughter as an academic position, but remained rather vague about it. What they didn’t know was he had finally been offered a position at the Watcher’s Council.

Holly saw him on occasional weekends, but as she grew older, those occasions became few and far between. Her mother, meanwhile, had grown steadily ill. Between taking care of her and studying, she found release in some less-than-healthy behaviors, namely drugs, parties, and drinking.

It had been like living a double life, and she would have been lying if she had said the prospect didn’t excite her. In that sense, she shared a striking resemblance to her absent father.

After being accepted on partial scholarship to Goldsmiths University, she was back on her father’s radar. They were both in the same city now, a stone’s throw from each other. They became closer, and when she wasn’t visiting his flat, they would call each other almost every night. They comforted each other when Felicia died.

Being in Gregory’s proximity, Holly began to notice something strange was going on. His description of his job wasn’t satisfactory to her, especially when he would sustain some random injury. Coursework kept her from digging too deep, though, and despite the nagging feeling, she decided to just trust him.

Then it all went wrong.

Shortly before her graduation from Goldsmith’s, she received a call that would turn her whole world on its head. Her father had been killed. The man on the phone, failing to identify himself, had explained it had been a mugging gone wrong. The mugger shot and killed her father, point blank.

When she went to his flat to retrieve some things, she had found it in shambles. His study especially had been ransacked; books, papers, even his computer were missing. When she called to report a break-in, the police seemed to brush her off.

Now she’s determined to dig up the ghosts of the past, and maybe get some closure. She knows in her heart that her father wasn’t any academic, and he didn’t die from some random twist of fate. People had been deceiving her for her whole life, and Holly was done being kept in the dark.

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